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How many consecutive games can you predict that won't end with 0-0? Current best 14!

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Welcome to the 1GOAL.in - football 1 goal challenge game!

1GOAL.in is a simple online challenge game where the players’ aim is to pick as many consecutive football games as possible that won't end 0-0 or, in other words – to pick games that have at least one goal.

Besides this, you also have to keep your average odds at a good level in order to produce high cumulative odds. Those will show your profit potential which can be used in betting with real money.

Easy to play

Complete a simple registration, start a new challenge and off you go! Pick any game you like from the fixtures and wait for the result. If final score isn't 0-0, pick next game. However, if final result is 0-0, challenge is set to be finished and you can start a new one.

Over 1.5 and 2.5 goals

You can also challenge in the games that end with 2+ or 3+ goals. Just select one of the options on the top left. You can have one ACTIVE challenge in each section.

Compete with other players

Compete with other players and see how far you can go. There are two kind of tops - consecutive games top and cumulative odds top. The first one shows number of consecutive games in the row for the challenge, while cumulative odds top shows total multiple odds produced by the challenge.

Share your results!

You can LIKE and SHARE at any time and let your friends compete with you!

Top active challenges
# User Cum. Odds Games
1 Greece trakispe 33.32 7
2 Turkey erdem07 8.14 4
3 Turkey manga 7.19 7
4 Turkey manga 6.41 4
5 Turkey NightHawk 4.9 3
# User Cum. Odds Games
1 Hungary Apbase 1.94 14
2 Turkey lapseki17 1.77 7
3 Turkey admin 1.46 10
4 Greece eg17 1.38 9
5 Argentina Gozales 1.37 9
# User Cum. Odds Games
1 Turkey manga 7.19 7
2 Turkey Adaserdar 2.66 6
3 Greece eg17 2.05 3
4 Hungary Apbase 1.89 2
5 Turkey erdem07 1.85 2
# User Cum. Odds Games
1 Greece trakispe 33.32 7
2 Turkey erdem07 8.14 4
3 Turkey manga 6.41 4
4 Turkey NightHawk 4.9 3
5 Turkey usta 3.22 2

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